Wednesday, 1/31/18


Returned to Houston Methodist Breast Care Center for additional imaging. Had one round of images taken and sent to waiting room. Called back for a second round of images and returned to waiting room. Called back for a third round of images using another machine and returned to waiting room. The tech came in after the third round of mammogram imaging and said they will need ultrasound. I was brought to another area and proceeded with an ultrasound. The tech did her part and then left the room, asking me to stay in the position. She returned with the radiologist who continued the exam. I felt anxiety setting in. The radiologist began her explanation, that there are two suspicious masses that will need to be biopsied. I stared at the wall and began to cry. I straightened myself, got dressed, and went into a consult room to speak with a nurse. The procedure was explained along with directions for gettingĀ clearance from my other doctors to stop taking full strength aspirin. I have AFib and Lupus complications (high positive IGM cardiolipin antibodies which thickens the blood). The two conditions (individually, and especially, combined) put me at risk for stroke.

Monday, 1/29/18


Saw gynecologist for a cyst on my left ovary. This day was a follow up appointment to discuss findings beyond abdominal CT scan w/contrast, pelvic ultrasound, MRI and blood work to rule out ovarian cancer. Per Dr. Stephen Hilgers at Methodist in Houston, all clear for ovarian cancer. Suggested I go for routine mammogram in same building and to just walk in without an appointment. It had been three-four years since last mammogram.


Tech called me on cell phone twenty minutes after leaving saying I need to come back, they need more images. I asked why (thinking they made a mistake in getting the images) and was told they see something suspicious. I asked if I should worry and she told me it was too early for that.

Then the nurse from Dr. Hilgers’ office called and said not to worry but that I needed to get back ASAP and she would help me set up an appointment for the following day. I told her I didn’t want to, that I needed time to digest what they were telling me. We agreed to wait for Wednesday.