Friday, 3/9/18


Went in for two biopsies: stereotactic at 10:00 position on left breast and ultrasound-guided at 6:00 position on same breast. Stereotactic was first requiring me to lay down on my stomach with my left breast positioned in a hole beneath me. Paddles similar to mammogram paddles were used to position the breast and view the mass. The doctor worked beneath the table. I was told to stay still and a local anesthetic was given. I heard a whirring sound during the biopsy and felt pressure and some discomfort, then an “air gun” type of sound when they inserted a marker into the tumor. The procedure was about ten minutes I think. I was helped off the table and brought to another room. This time I laid on my back with my left arm above my head. The ultrasound wand was used to locate the mass. Again, I was told to lay still and a local anesthetic was given. This time, the machine was more of a popping sound during the biopsy, then the “air gun” sound again for the second marker. Biopsies complete.

I was bandaged, given instructions and told the results would be in between Tuesday and Friday of the following week.

I was proud of myself. I had been worried about the procedures and thought my “shakey” nature regarding anything medical would prevail and I would have to be coddled. The opposite became the case. I was quiet, still, no tears and the staff complimented me on being such a good patient. I hadn’t heard that a lot in my life, so this turned out to be a good day. I felt good about myself.

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Christine Cadiz

Houston-based writer making contributions through truth- and story-telling. Sometimes dark, often insubordinate, and always raw, a balance is struck in each conclusion that evokes a sense of resolve to the absurd drama so intricately woven into our human experience. You will find short stories sometimes based in truth, true stories sometimes based in harsh reality, musings that may strike a nerve, writing prompts just for fun, and a novel or two in the works. Welcome, and thank you for reading. Christine Cadiz was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad in 1964. She was a kid in the Florida Keys and an adult in Miami. She's been writing since she was nine-years-old and was a Journalism major before leaving college to work. Christine worked in marketing and advertising for seventeen years. She stayed in Florida for forty-three years before relocating to North Carolina and then Texas with her family. She has three daughters and currently resides in Houston.

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