Monday, 4/2/18


I went to see Dr. Tejal Patel, an oncologist recommended by Dr. Lim. Dr. Rubin had suggested getting me in to see her prior to surgery because of Lupus issues and treatment considerations. Dr. Patel further explained the findings so far, surgery options and potential treatments. Oftentimes, an anti estrogen is given as part of the post-surgical treatment, but, in my case, this may have to be reconsidered, adjusted, etc. due to that medication’s blood-thickening side effects. She will also do a complete genetic workup to determine BRCA genes and other cancer genes. A lot of emphasis was given to the number of cancer-afflicted family members, three of whom died from the disease (grandfather, uncle and aunt). So far, no direct family members have been diagnosed with cancer. She also explained that only about 5-10% of breast cancer patients have a positive BRCA gene. If it’s positive, this means I am pretty certain to develop the cancer again in the future. It also means that both Mom and Anna are positive.

RESULTS (4/10/18)

BRCA IS NEGATIVE! This doesn’t affect my current situation, but it alleviates certain probabilities with regard to cancer for me and my daughter and mom.

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