Thursday, 5/31/18


The left incision has finally closed and the possibility of another surgery has been eliminated.  Something called a “knot stitch” (used at one end of an incision to create an “anchor” in creating a long line of stitches to close it) was trying to pop through the surface of my skin. I noticed it bulging and felt something sharp as well, but didn’t know what it was. Nicole, Dr. Spiegel’s PA, said that, most of the time, our bodies absorb it, but in my case, my body was trying to push it out. She made a gentle opening and took it out, placed a bandage and that was that. The holes from the drains are still healing, but doing very well. I will return again in two weeks because the swelling on the right hasn’t gone down as much as the left. All normal, they just need to follow closely before they clear me. I can drive again!! Four weeks of being a passenger – not favorable.  I still have to sleep on my back for another couple weeks. Not to be whiny, but I hate that part. I sneak a short side break in here and there, but I always move back, automatically it seems.

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Christine Cadiz

Houston-based writer making contributions through truth- and story-telling. Sometimes dark, often insubordinate, and always raw, a balance is struck in each conclusion that evokes a sense of resolve to the absurd drama so intricately woven into our human experience. You will find short stories sometimes based in truth, true stories sometimes based in harsh reality, musings that may strike a nerve, writing prompts just for fun, and a novel or two in the works. Welcome, and thank you for reading. Christine Cadiz was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad in 1964. She was a kid in the Florida Keys and an adult in Miami. She's been writing since she was nine-years-old and was a Journalism major before leaving college to work. Christine worked in marketing and advertising for seventeen years. She stayed in Florida for forty-three years before relocating to North Carolina and then Texas with her family. She has three daughters and currently resides in Houston.

4 thoughts on “Thursday, 5/31/18”

  1. Wow! Things are improving so nicely! I hate back sleeping. I remember having to do that when I was pregnant with Jackson. So happy for you Christine! Love ya!

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    1. OMG! Nine months of that. Horrendous! I’m so grateful for this outcome so sleeping on my back? Well, I can deal with it a bit longer. Thanks for the encouragement. I love you, too!! ❤️❤️❤️


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